PNG: Portable Network Graphic

PNG was designed for use on the Internet and is the most largely used image compression format on the web. PNGs are not for printing professional graphic images. PNGs are raster graphics and were made as an improvement to the GIF. PNGs work well with line art images and photographs for websites but can result in really large file sizes. PNGs also offer alpha transparency which is very cool because each individual pixel has its own level of opacity. PNGs come in two types PNG-8 and PNG-24. PNG-8 means that the file has only 8 bits per pixel and the PNG-24 has 24 bits per pixel.

011.png 011.png
Size : 182.488 Kb
Type : png
012.png 012.png
Size : 170.992 Kb
Type : png
013.png 013.png
Size : 147.649 Kb
Type : png
014.png 014.png
Size : 150.143 Kb
Type : png
015.png 015.png
Size : 156.879 Kb
Type : png
016.png 016.png
Size : 126.706 Kb
Type : png
017.png 017.png
Size : 178.841 Kb
Type : png
018.png 018.png
Size : 174.941 Kb
Type : png
019.png 019.png
Size : 158.627 Kb
Type : png
020.png 020.png
Size : 179.771 Kb
Type : png
061.png 061.png
Size : 179.638 Kb
Type : png
062.png 062.png
Size : 138.921 Kb
Type : png

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